I want to be as real with you as I can while still protecting the privacy of my family. Therefore, it’s better for us all if you don’t know my real name. You can just call me The Herbalist. I live in the Ozark mountain region with my partner (let’s call him The Artist), and our two kids. We have a toddler daughter we’ll call Wildflower, and an infant daughter we’ll call Sunshine.

On the surface, we are just a regular midwestern, blue collar family, but we kind of stick out like sore thumbs around here due to our spiritual beliefs, interests, and worldviews, which don’t often align with the local norms. All in all, The Artist and I are happy to be settled down in the small town where he grew up after we each experienced living in all sorts of different cities in our younger years. This is a nice place to raise children.

We are a homeschooling family, inspired by the philosophies of Waldorf, Montessori, and Reggio Emilia education. We have a small space and a small budget, but we strive to live more consciously every day. Part of conscious living, of course, is being mindful of sustainability and our family’s wellness. This Green Path is our journey through the seasons as we get creative and resourceful to achieve a more simple and sustainable lifestyle, and we hope to help others who are just embarking on their own green paths.

My goal is to bring everyday sustainability to average, working class people. I want things like herbalism and homesteading to be accessible for people like us who have a small space and a small budget.

Many homesteading and herbalism sites and books require access to budgets that many people simply don’t have, or they are too overly complex to appeal to the average person, and I think a lot of people get intimidated and turn away from it. I want to show people how to implement these things into their lives in simple and affordable ways. I want to make it easy and accessible for everyone. I was talking with my midwife one day, and I told her that not everyone wants to know the botany of plants and anatomy of the body to use herbs in simple ways. She agreed. Though I have herbal training, and I can discuss theories, actions, and energetics with those who care to know about those aspects of herbalism, I have found that most people just want to know what’s growing in their back yard and how they can use it.

Part of sustainability is recognizing how everything connects and impacts other things, so it is only natural that the journey I share with you here will also include our adventures in attachment parenting, homeschooling, and what it’s like raising children with lifelong and generational wholeness in mind. If you’re someone who has been on this path for a while, you’re probably not going to learn much from this blog, but I hope you enjoy it anyway. If you’re new or even just curious about how you can begin to transition to more sustainable living for your own family, I hope you find some inspiration here. Welcome to This Green Path.