The Birthday Ring Tradition

birthday ring cover.jpg

The birthday ring stems from a lovely German birthday tradition called geburtstagskranz, which is also popular in Waldorf schools and Waldorf homeschooling families. This is a fairly new tradition for my family, as we only learned about it and adopted it after beginning our Waldorf inspired homeschool journey. I think it’s a lovely birthday tradition, and maybe our children will grow up and carry on this tradition if they have families of their own someday. I like that this small ceremony adds reflection and intention to the birthday celebration. In this world of mindless consumerism, it’s good to mindfully add meaning when we can.

There are endless options on how to set up your child’s birthday ring, so there’s not really a right or wrong way to do it. The idea is to reflect on the child’s life each year, and celebrate them, which is usually done by decorating the birthday ring with ornamental representations of memories from each year, or even representations of the child’s interests and personality. You can also add candles to the birthday ring. Some people keep a special “life candle” that is gifted to the child as an infant, and that candle is lit in the center of the ring each year. You can add toys, figurines, treats, or even nothing to the center of the ring. Set up your child’s birthday ring in whatever way calls to you. If it brings joy and a celebration of the child’s life, you’re doing it right.



The artist and I decided that it would be special to gift our daughter a new ornament for her birthday ring each year. As the years go by, each ornament will represent a year of her life and something special about that year to remember. Since she’s still very young, we will also have room to include a beeswax candle for each year for a while. A special addition that many children love is wearing a birthday crown. You can make one from felt or fabric, or even buy one from one of the many crafters on Etsy.

We gifted the annual ornament to our daughter on the morning of her birthday, where we had the birthday ring set up. Each candle was added to the birthday ring with reflection on each year they represent. We said, “On Wildflower’s first year, she learned to walk.” And then added the first candle to the ring. “On Wildflower’s second year, she learned to talk.” Then added the second candle to the ring. And so on. With each year, we name special milestones or memories.

Next, we sang a fun birthday song that is simple and easy so children can sing along, too. (Credit for this song goes to

The earth goes round the sun
The earth goes round the sun
The earth goes round the sun and (child’s name) is one! (*light first candle*)

The earth goes round the sun
The earth goes round the sun
The earth goes round the sun and (child’s name) is two! (*light second candle*)

Do this for each year, and then let the child blow out her/his candles to applause!

If you’re looking for something simple to add more meaning and memories to your child’s special day, I hope you can find some inspiration in these ideas and create your own family tradition. Enjoy!

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